How Wild Got Into the West
There really was a lady by the name of Dora Hand in Dodge City, Kansas. Dora’s stage name was Fannie Keenan. Her story is part of the lore of the old west. She was a cultured, well-educated woman and an accomplished operatic singer. She settled in Dodge City and became a much loved entertainer at the Alhambra Saloon. And it was here where the likes of deputy Wyatt Earp, and U.S. Marshall Bat Masterson could also be found, when off duty, of course!

The owner of the Alhambra, Mayor James Hound Dog Kelly was in love with Dora. But another suitor was enamored with the lady, a wealthy young “gentleman” by the name of James Kennedy. Coming from a well-to-do Texas family and having been educated “back east” he considered Dora to be the love of his life. Tragic circumstances interrupted all three lives.

Enter the rounded up posse. The suspect is apprehended. There is a trial featuring an imported lawyer from New York and what passed for law and order in those days

What was the outcome? You’ll just have to bite the bullet and mosey on over to Oregon Stage Works to find out for yourself.

Doug Rowe, Director:  “It is a truly remarkable cast that is totally involved with this funny, tender and yes tragic piece of American folklore. Each night these gifted performers move me to tears and laughter perhaps more so than any play in which I have ever been involved.”

Sarah Jane Nelson, Dora/Fannie:  “The moment I heard the music, I knew it was a project I wanted to be involved in.  It’s been wonderful to be a part of a show that’s growing and developing with each rehearsal.  Working with writer/composer Mark Turnbull is a privilege.”

Tami Marston, Musical Director/Actor:  “As Musical Director I find myself enchanted by the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever worked with. As an actor it’s been a great honor to be involved in the collaborative aspect of a work of this caliber.

How to see the play:

Tickets are available online, at the Music Coop in Ashland, Oregon and the Grocery Outlet in Medford, Oregon.  For more information on show times and tickets please: 

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